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I bought house in Union City recently. Ruby came as a savior to me. She helped me get mortgage loan on my house. My preferred loan failed at the last moment and I would have lost the home had Ruby not helped me out. She is very responsive both on phone and e-mail and comes out as expert in the capacity of a loan officer. I wish her the best in her business.



I had been looking for a condo in this area for about a year. I then came across Ruby’s name online. I decided to work with her because of her expertise not only as a realtor, but also as a loan officer. She is very proficient in all realty areas and knows the local layout. She ended up being a one-stop shop for all of my needs, and the entire process was extremely fast. She is willing to go that extra mile for you no matter how busy she is. Top-notch person and service! Highly recommend.



I approached Ruby for getting a General Power of Attorney notarized. She was very professional in handling her duties. Also, when I talked to her about Real Estate market and mortgage matters, she appeared to be highly knowledgeable and willing to help. I highly recommend her to any one looking to buy a new home or finance or Re-Fiance their existing home.